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NY vs. LA: Which Lesbian Mecca Has a far better Dating Scene? | GO Magazine

I’ve outdated almost any lady contemplating girls spanning from a single lesbian mecca, L. A., to the other lesbian mecca, New York. I have gone away with every stereotype: the hipster woman, the art woman, the type lady. From a few of these (some really good, but mostly poor) times, I have discovered techniques to navigate across the scene in perhaps the 2 most significant communities in the country.

That gives me to you.

Let’s imagine you’re a new lesbian from a Midwestern or south city (’cause i am aware at one-point I was) and you’ve chose to improve proceed to one of these brilliant beckoning spots. There is one important thing it is vital that you find out about lesbians and online dating within these two towns: these are typically vastly different beasts.

This is where this beneficial manual comes in.

1. Lesbian bars

Its your first night in New York City and you also carry out what every brand new lesbian unique Yorker really does: get the best gay bar using the hottest women. If you should be a regular novice, you done your homework and possess bookmarked places like “Stonewall” and “Cubby Hole.” You venture into Cubby and realize some thing towards girls that spend time indeed there: they’ve been and always are merely way cooler than you happen to be. And constantly put on black. No, like usually. ALWAYS. Once this bubbly, blond lesbian which includes really serious sass reached Cubby Hole, i came across that it is the best lesbian club in the nation. Small and saved — it screams fashionable. I’m in addition super partial `cause I think i acquired hit in around twenty instances. I found myselfn’t dressed in the all-black uniform, so I stuck out like a Cali lady — and everybody really likes a newbie.

In Los Angeles, the latest ladies into the urban area are not all conveniently found at one bar: they could be between employed in production, to acting as you’re watching digital camera, or on a giant billboard on Hollywood Blvd. There are some secret places, though, if you are inside the recognize. There can be the typical Wednesday at the infamous Abbey, but watch out — it appears that its a “makeout right after which never ever phone you once again” identify. Then there is always the mainly gay male club, Akbar, noted for its women’ nights. But i do believe the best concealed lesbian area is Jumbo’s Clown place. Yes, that is the genuine title. I cannot reveal a lot since it is LA’s best stored key, but I will state We once saw an extremely competent woman flip inverted and walk-around the stripper pole regarding the threshold. Its definitely worth shopping.

2. Flirting

In nyc, if a female flirts along with you she probably actually really wants to date you. I got the advantage of internet dating a NYC woman and she practically merely came up in my opinion and mentioned, “Hey, i believe you are really hot, could I buy you a glass or two?” Without a doubt I mentioned indeed. I am a sucker for the NYC self-confidence. It really is hot.

Whenever you flirt in Los Angeles, it may be confusing (possibly the reason being I practically flirt with anyone and everybody, even the old woman which used to manufacture my personal subs at Subway). Everyone is seeking to circle in LA — hence will come off as flirting. Positive, word becomes in really fast that she is so-and-so’s ex, or this additional lady accustomed connect along with her.

3. Swiping

In NYC I said around “Hey” and then the next action you are aware, you are en route to the trendiest Brooklyn coffee shop to meet together. When I swipe right in LA, it often takes a good five emails getting a girl to meet with me.

4. Date places

In ny, a romantic date comes with a reduced lit sort of scummy hot dog joint using greatest damn hot puppies you ever endured — no, actually. Or, she’s going to elevates to a winery in Brooklyn that rests on h2o. She’ll prompt you to have a good laugh all day while she pours you the many delicious Rosé you have ever consumed. I do believe NYC is actually much less glitzy but more real. I like it.

When you start to date LA women they will certainly elevates to places just like the Echo Park Lake, where you can take-out paddle boats for hours and supply the child ducks. Possibly an elegant cafe owned by Moby or some type of outside extravaganza.

5. Ghosting

If a NYC girl isn’t thinking about you anymore, she’s going to most likely maturely text you and say, “Hey, this is not working any longer personally. Can we be friends?” I’m sure a huge amount of NYC girls that happen to be still buddies with their own exes, and hey, therefore am I, even from in the united states.

The Los Angeles lesbian scene could be flakey. You text the extremely hot lady you met on Tinder a couple of weeks ago after your own passionate monday evening make-out period, and she doesn’t reply?! WHY?! I never truly fully understood the world of ghosting. If you do not would you like to date me personally, simply let me know therefore I can stop obsessing and discover somebody hotter. Only tell me.

6. My summation

Here is my NY matchmaking fantasy: the brooding brunette who’s dark colored, Italian and putting on all-black can make aside along with you at a club on saturday evening after which texts you first. Asks YOU away again. And also by the second day, you’re on the Staten isle ferry on your way to satisfy your smoldering really love’s whole household.

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Though Los Angeles is apparently filled up with crisis, i cannot let her get. I am hitched into party-gossip-party period and can’t seem to discover a way outside of the drama that is the arena of Los Angeles lesbians. I think ny is actually my bitch unofficially and LA is my spouse, ball and chain style. Well, now you understand the distinction. You function as judge and then make your very own chosen which shore you prefer. Any women online in ny down for a residence swap?

Stay tuned for GO workforce’s encyclopedic, lez-tastic, all-encompassing, one-stop help guide to NY and LA not far off!